What Our Clients Say

For more than 30 years, Exact Translations has had the privilege to work with some of North America's most premier companies. Here's just a sample of what some of our clients are saying about our saying about our all-inclusive French language services in Vancouver:


"Exact Translations does more than just '100% accurate French translations'; they research complex & required information on various Canadian labeling rules and regulations, including product claims, statements of fact, permissible wording, and, even if the product is allowed to be sold in Canada at all!

Exact Translations helps us cut through all the complexities that make Canada one of the toughest and most regulated countries in the world to market products. Catou at Exact is one of the most dependable, reliable and pleasant people we work with. Exact Translations is an important service provider to MTB and its valuable suppliers."

MICHAEL THEODORE - PRESIDENT Michael Theodore Brokerage Inc.


"SportAbility/CP Sports Association of BC has worked with Exact Translations for several years. When we host nationals, we are expected to provide both verbal and written translation for the teams from Quebec and New Brunswick. Catou and her staff have been incredible!

The staff of Exact translations are professional and well prepared. It can sometimes be difficult to translate technical/jargonistic issues on the spot, but they have always come through for us. Merci beaucoup!"

TERRIE MOORE - EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR SportAbility/CP Sports Association of BC


"Exact Translations provided the best possible service. They were responsive, speedy and accurate!"

TOM NESBIT - DIRECTOR Centre for Continuing Studies
Simon Fraser University


"I've had the privilege of working with Catou at Exact Translations on numerous French voice-over and translation projects, and have found her to be an extremely personable, formidable and dedicated professional in her field.

Working on projects with her, whether my role was as client or contractor, her delivery and quality of work were always handled with the utmost of integrity, diligence and a refreshing ease. I'm honoured to call Catou a very valued and esteemed business partner!"

MARTIN MAYER - CHIEF CATALYST Martin Mayer Productions Inc.