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Delivering professional language translation in Vancouver to suit all industries!

There are some areas in which mediocre work just won't cut it; language translation is one of them!

At Exact Translations, we deliver professional language translation in Vancouver for your business, school, non-profit organization or other endeavour. With over 30 years of service and experience, we provide French to English/English to French translations for a variety of needs and industries.

TRANSLATION SAMPLE Bradley Smoker® User Manual

Making the most of an experienced team of translators is to your advantage when it comes to translating important documents, videos and interpreting at important events. When you select professional English French translation services from Exact Translations, you'll receive:

  • accurate translation for a variety of mediums;
  • a dedicated team of experienced translators looking out for you and your business;
  • timely translations with a quick turnaround for tight deadlines; and,
  • friendly and knowledgeable staff, experienced in working with various industries and institutions.

Our translation services include, but are not limited to:

  • curriculum material in all curricular areas;
  • research papers, theses, lectures & conferences;
  • medical devices user manuals;
  • university research reports;
  • charters, constitutions, by-laws;
  • legal papers, corporate documents, press releases;
  • public relations materials;
  • small business & corporate websites;
  • real estate reports;
  • technical user manuals, newsletters, & brochures
  • ...and much more...

Get the peace of mind you need. With Exact Translations you're assured that your translations are being handled by seasoned professionals, ready to support the success of your business!

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