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For all your professional interpreting services needs, look to Exact Translations!

At Exact Translations, we are the one-stop, hassle free solution to all your French translation needs. We provide top-notch French interpreters, for both consecutive and simultaneous professional interpretation work, throughout Vancouver, and anywhere else via teleconferencing.

A French interpreter is available for assignments such as press conferences, business meetings, sports camps, seminars, and media interviews. The needs of our customers vary, as do their industries.

That's why Exact Translations can provide you with professional French interpreters or English interpreters, comfortable in working in any environment or setting, including:

  • financial;
  • medical;
  • legal;
  • business;
  • academic, and;
  • informal settings.

A few of our current and past projects providing professional interpreting services include:

  • the 2010 Vancouver Paralympic Games;
  • Sportability BC training camp for athletes;
  • national and international boccia competitions for the Canadian Cerebral Palsy Sports Association;
  • seminar facilitated by Simon Fraser University Continuing Education Faculty;
  • teleconference between technicians to put up a telecommunication firm, and;
  • informational meeting between parents and administrators of French academics.

In today���s global economy, life can lead you to exciting opportunities around the globe, or in your own backyard. Trust Exact Translations to bridge the language barriers and help you succeed!

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