Voice-Over Services

Get the best for your project with our all-inclusive French-Canadian voice-over services!

You have an image to maintain, which is critical to your business. Whether you need a bilingual voice-mail greeting, a translated recording of an educational lecture, or a French version for your product's commercial, French recording services in Vancouver from Exact Translations can help!

VOICE-OVER SAMPLES Voice-mail Greeting Sample (MP3)
Product Marketing Sample (MP3)
Video Dialogue Sample #1 (MP3)
Video Dialogue Sample #2 (MP3)

Working with our highly-trained engineers and the latest in recording platforms to deliver your voice-over, Exact Translations will:

  • translate your text and/or script prior to recording (if translation is being provided by us);
  • professionally record, mix and master your script;
  • deliver the recording in your choice of MP3, AIFF, or WAV sound formats, and;
  • optionally make available to you the raw audio files/stems for you to mix and master at your own post-production facility.

Choosing the right voice for your company���s audio production is like choosing the right outfit for an event. So whether it's French Canadian or French European, choose Vancouver script recording and editing from Exact Translations to deliver your high-quality recorded messaging with style, experience and professionalism!

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