The Start of it All

Meet Catou L̩vesque: Professional Translator English to French and French to English, and the founder of Exact Translations!

Exact Translations began in 1985 as a home-based French to English - English to French translation business, founded and operated by Catou L̩vesque. The young mother of two launched her business while holding a full time job, and taking night courses from Langara College and the University of British Columbia. 

In the beginning, document and label translation requests came mostly from the academic community in B.C.'s Fraser Valley. Fortuitously, and to help a friend, Catou became more involved in the consumer and cosmetic products industry. Branching off into this segment helped to create a second company, Canadian Labelling Services, exclusively offering label translation and compliancy services for consumable and non-consumable products in the food, drug, and cosmetic industries.

Throughout the years, Catou was lucky to have educational opportunities readily available, and, was able to constantly develop herself - and her companies - both professionally and personally. Soon, she created a team of professionals ready to take on the volume, brought on with the inception of the Exact Translations website in the early 1990's. The development of the original site was instrumental in merging her two existing companies into one entity, under the name of "Exact Translations" – an original idea of Catou's oldest son, Jesse.

We hope that while reading through the pages relating our areas of expertise, you'll find that Exact Translations handles a diverse range of French to English - English to French services. Our company works with a varied range of subjects and industries, so we look forward to earning your business, and, being a part of its success!